Elizabeth’s House

This is Elizabeth’s House, it’s smaller than yours.

83-year-old Elizabeth is proof that we’re never too old to be childlike. This short film explores Elizabeth’s passion for all things miniature and how some passions can last a lifetime.

The Worlds Most Scenic Railway (Channel 5)

Set up access, found stories and assembled schedules while managing a team of researchers for this new specialist factual six part series. I then assisted the PD on location as part of a two person shooting team (A7S, FS7) capturing sequences on history, geology, engineering and wildlife from across three continents. On location, I would lead these interviews, often taking us to remote places; to the top of mountains, along rapids and through Canadian bear territory. Experience rigging mini cams on moving vehicles; helicopters, trains, cars.

The episode I directed, New Zealand was voted “Critics Choice” – Sunday Times & “Pick of the Day” – Daily Mail

Here are a few of my shots from the series:

Five Dads (Feature)

Self-shot and directed Interviews and sequences for this observational documentary following five men into fatherhood.

[Video coming soon]


Crossfit Tufnell Park

Here is a series of videos I created for a local Crossfit gym.

Fabric Wrapping CO

One video in a series of ‘How to’ and social media videos I created for this reusable fabric wrapping company. (spot my photograph on the first page of the website)


Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords (Channel 5)

Assisted the PD on location, finding stories, managing relationships, alongside directing and producing contributors. Shooting actuality and entire scenes for broadcast (FS7) as well as assisting the edit with post-production.


My Sequence Cut

Rushes Cut (some made the pre-title)

Women in Adventure Film 2019

First camera, directed and edited.

My entry into a The Women’s Adventure Film Competition ran by The British Mountaineering Council. The brief was to create a film that challenged the public perception of women who do adventurous things. Women in adventure are women from all backgrounds – ofter women who you might not imagine are adventurous when you see them at home or work. Winners are announced at ShaFF 2019, wish us luck!

Inside Out – Climbing outside for the first time can be a bit daunting, but with some new friends, a bit of determination and lots of tea, there is nothing stopping you from having an adventure.

The Tree Guys

This is SMB Landscapes and Tree Care, they have two sugars in their tea and like shortbread biscuits. Kindly, they let me film them while they trimmed my mothers garden.

Shot on my Sony AS7ii with a Zeiss 28-70mm / a Hoya HMC Zoom / Hoya Macro 30-205mm

All Stars Boxing Gym

Creative video content collaborating with Freya Williams , for the All Stars Boxing Gym social media, to promote their KO Circuit classes. A short promo with an overview of the class, a longer creative video and short clips used as gifs across their social profiles. Since being established in 1974, All Stars in West London has become an institution within the local community. It continues to dedicate itself to helping young boys and girls of all ages and backgrounds learn the focus, discipline and hard work that comes with boxing.

KO Circuit Class – Short from Amy Gilchrist on Vimeo.

KO Circuit Class – Beats from Amy Gilchrist on Vimeo.


Scotland in the Snow

The first film shot on my A7SII. It’s a challenge shooting when you can’t feel your hands!

Joe Tan

Lead Creative / Concept / Design / Art Direction

Context – Joe Tan was a talent spotted by Jimmy Choo in Malaysia and brought to London. The unassuming craftsman made shoes for Diana, Prince, Kylie Minogue and many other famous fashion clients. He left Jimmy Choo to pursue his own shoe shop.

Created – An identity for Joe, we refreshed his Logo, brand guidelines, copy and a brochure to tell his story and a small video to show his craftsmanship.

Le Relais de Venise – l’Entrecote