All Stars Boxing Gym

In April 2017 Freya Williams and I were asked to create two promotional videos for boxing gym, All Stars.

KO Circuit Class – Short from Amy Gilchrist on Vimeo.

KO Circuit Class – Beats from Amy Gilchrist on Vimeo.

Joe Tan

Lead Creative / Concept / Design / Art Direction

Context – Joe Tan was a talent spotted by Jimmy Choo in Malaysia and brought to London. The unassuming craftsman made shoes for Diana, Prince, Kylie Minogue and many other famous fashion clients. He left Jimmy Choo to pursue his own shoe shop.

Created – An identity for Joe, we refreshed his Logo, brand guidelines, copy and a brochure to tell his story and a small video to show his craftsmanship.

Le Relais de Venise – l’Entrecote